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NMP 38

Israel is located along part of the Syrian-African rift, a seismologic sensitive area that is constantly exposed to the risk of earthquakes at varying intensities. Based on various estimates, most of the structures built in Israel prior to 1980, do not comply with the requirements set forth in Israeli Standard IS 413, which was introduced in 1975 and elated to structure earthquake durability.
With the aim of correcting this reality, at least partially, the Knesset approved a national master plan for reinforcing existing structures against earthquakes - NMP 38. Under this plan, construction permits are issued for structure reinforcements and additions, while receiving various significant tax breaks and exemptions. This measure was intended to incentivize entrepreneurs, contractors and private individuals into reinforcing structures that they own and, concurrently, upgrading and increasing the value of the property.
An NMP 38 project is a complex one, introducing various challenges - engineering, interpersonal and more - and it usually applies to buildings suffering from years of neglect and calls for coordination with the building residents. Managing an NMP 38 project also requires the implementation of a wide variety of factors, such as: Adding an elevator, creating/adding parking areas, structural addition (such as a residential
secure space), upgrading the building's facade, adding balconies and more.
SMS - Project Management has the proven experience, cumulative
know-how and desire for excellence that render it the best choice for

managing and supervising NMP 38 projects. Managing and supervising
construction projects that require working with architects, purchasing
groups and private entrepreneurs, is part of the Company's DNA. In this
regard,the Company's managerial team - a leader in its field in Israel - is
skilled at providing comprehensive, professional and creative solutions
that render the work process efficient and qualitative, while maintaining
the defined budgetary and scheduling frameworks.
Being accompanied by SMS - Project Management ensures achievement
of the goal in the shortest and most efficient manner, while obtaining the
optimal results in the field.