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Green Building

An ecological and sustainable worldview is a comprehensive term, with construction being one of its elements. The importance of green building lies in the fact that most of the world resources and most of the polluting emissions are generated within structures. The aim of green building is to create a constructed area based on prior planning and the implementation of innovative technology that reduce the consumption of dwindling energy and encourage the use of renewable energy, reducing the consumption of water and generating different solutions for recycling waste. This process will create a reality of saving the earth's resources, leading to savings for structure residents, a higher standard of living and the preservation of nature's assets for future generation. Green building addresses various fields, such as: Thermal insulation (for energetic savings), natural ventilation, shading, integrating photo-voltaic systems capable of harnessing solar energy and transforming it into electricity, various water treatment processes, such as purification and recycling systems, using recycled materials for construction, managing the construction site in an informed manner, and more. A policy that strives to create green structures led to the formulation of the new and comprehensive Israeli standard for green building, IS 5281 for sustainable building. This standard relates to various kinds of structures (not only residential) and it consists of nine
parameters that quantify the "greenness" of
the structure: Energy, soil, water, materials,
health and welfare, waste, transportation,
site management, construction and innovation.
Structures that meet the criteria defined within
the standard, may be formally awarded the title
of "Green Structures" Managing complex projects
of this kind is one of the challenges  to which SMS -
Project Management is happy to contribute its
cumulative professional know-how.
Such a project always yields proven savings
on various customer operating costs as well as
savings in the utilization of earth's resources.
This is a challenging situation, offering: A Win-Win
situation, exactly the situation that the SMS - Project
Management managerial team always strives to achieve.
Green building is everyone's future.
Managing complex and challenging projects on
this field is the present for SMS - Project Management.