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Data center

Data center project management is a significant challenge that requires experience, know-how and executive perfection. Such projects are especially complex, both in the high investment required and the wealth of electro-mechanical systems involved.
In addition, the risk level that the customer takes is very high and the result must be exceptionally perfect and professional. A data center is not only about design and image, it also provides a location for complex and integrated systems intended to work in a synchronized and harmonious manner, and to provide a quality functional solution.

Beyond monetary resources, establishing a data center requires meticulous planning that relates to a structure rich with electro mechanical systems, comprising the core of the company and exposed to various scenarios relating to safety and data security.  Electrical shorts, physical burglary or hacking, are only some of the scenarios to be planned for. All of these factors, as well as the need for a pleasant and convenient work environment create the need for integrating unique elements within such a project, including secured rooms, establishing control rooms and strictly adhering to the final details. If we further add the need to establish the data center while optimally utilizing the given space,we can comprehend the complexity of a project of this kind.

Therefore, establishing a data center is not only brilliant planning.
A project like this also requires quality management of the kind that
guarantees the success in all areas - time, budget and quality -
just as SMS - Project Management knows how to offer.
SMS - Project Management has the proven know-how and
experience  required in order to manage such a multifaceted
project, to supervise its execution and to uncompromisingly insist
on perfect implementation. When there is so much at stake,
let the best lead you to success.