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SMS Projects > Articles > On Engineering Management and Supervision

On Engineering Management and Supervision

Engineering management and supervision is the most professionally demanding area in the field of construction management and supervision.  Unlike infrastructural project management and exterior construction, which most of the management and engineering firms are familiar with, engineering management and control enters the building itself and includes all of the electro-mechanical and other systems used by the structure residents.  This is a specific area of expertise, requiring many different managerial resources, creativity and engineering and technical know-how in a variety of disciplines and systems currently used in construction projects, both residential and commercial.

What turns a good engineering supervisor into a great engineering supervisor?
Yoram Kraus
: "Beyond all that was mentioned above, professional experience and the ability to picture things with a spatial view are especially important in engineering management and supervision.  This is true because every project involves several systems that must integrate and work together, and the engineering supervisor must have an understanding of each component of the various systems.  A survey conducted by the Contractors' Center found that when building an average residential building, no fewer than 40 consultants and professionals are involved with more than 5,000 different items.  Today, every construction project is accompanied by advanced and up to date standards, which not all professionals are aware of.  Therefore, the engineering supervisor must be able to constantly absorb and understand the big picture, and apply a great deal of creativity in order to prevent or solve problems, both in the planning stage and in the field".

Can't the architect solve the problems with the various engineers?
Yoram Kraus: "That is a popular Israeli mistake, which is prevalent in many construction projects, both in private homes and in public or office buildings.  On the one hand, millions are invested in a project.  On the other hand, the developers try to save on the engineering supervisor or even the project manager, whose cost is negligible compared to the entire project, but who can save the entrepreneurs a great deal of money.
"First of all, the architect is extremely busy planning the spaces and providing solutions to problems and issues that appear within the spaces and regarding the building exterior.  In addition, the planning engineers and consultants on site are usually construction professionals.  Only a few of them have the true experience and know-how required for engineering supervision and systems coordination.  The engineering supervisor is a very important and essential function within a construction project and letting a construction professional handle issues and problems that should be addressed by a true and experienced professional, may lead to severe problems whose later solutions will cost much more than it would've cost to initially hire the appropriate person for the job".